Julia accepts commissions for custom work time permitting. Cartesian Graphics crystal collages can be customized in any number of ways - color, theme, framing, and installation design - depending on your requirements and your budget.


Custom Process

Custom designs cannot be ordered directly through our website, but can be requested through our Contact Form. To request a custom design, put Custom Request in the subject line, and use the Message section to describe your custom request. Your request can be as simple as changing a single color to as complex as creating an entirely new multi-piece installation from scratch. Julia views your initial request as just the first step in a process that often requires considerable give-and-take to ensure that both of you are pleased with the final result.

Julia frequently finds a conversation (or several conversations) to be helpful, and may suggest setting up a phone appointment with you. Studio visits can also be arranged. Photographs, paint chips, fabric samples, and measurements of your space can be helpful and may be required during the creation process.

Once you and Julia have agreed on all aspects of your custom design, she will send you a detailed quote which will require your approval followed by an invoice through PayPal. Your work will be placed on the the schedule once it is paid for in full.

custom color

Color is the most straightforward design element to customize. Any of our designs can be made in a custom color. The cost to create an existing design in a custom color is $100.00.

The Cartesian Graphics color palette currently consists of 48 colors which are shown on our Color Card. We suggest ordering a Color Card before choosing a custom color, as what you see on your computer might be quite different from the color of the actual crystal. Our color cards are giclee printed on the same 100% cotton fine art paper as the collages themselves, and the Swarovski™ crystal samples (all 48 of them) are exactly the same size and color as the crystals in the actual pieces. We are extremely proud of our color card, so, if you decide to have it framed and hang it over your fireplace we would be delighted (but not surprised).

Finally, please keep in mind that all colors might not work for all designs, and Julia reserves the right to refuse your request if she feels the end result will be unsatisfactory. She will, however, work with you to get it right.

Custom Theme

This one is a bit trickier than color. Perhaps a few examples are in order.

You adore your standard poodle Mitzi and would like to have a crystal portrait of her. Much as Julia loves standard poodles (RIP Valerie) she won’t do this. She will, however, create a canine themed design for you.

Ditto for your Aunt Minnie. No portraits of family members, ever, but if you happen to be an entomologist with a specialty in formicidae Julia would be quite interested in creating an ant-themed piece for you.

And absolutely no celebrities, X-rated body parts, or trademarked logos of any kind (unless of course you happen to own the trademark in question in which case we can talk).

The cost to create a design with a theme of your choice generally starts at $200.00 but may vary depending on the amount of background research needed, the number of different designs required, and the overall degree of difficulty of the project. A quote will be provided to you before work begins.

Please don’t be intimidated by all the rules. Truth be told Julia loves a creative challenge and has a weakness for crazy so go for it.

custom framing

In addition to the framing options available to purchase through this website, Julia has also had Bark Frameworks create unique frames for various projects.

One example of custom framing (and custom color as well) is the teal and white Fractal Checker series that hangs in Julia’s bedroom. She first had these pieces mounted on a teal background that is an exact match for the collage, and then selected an aluminum frame that is brushed on the sides and polished on the front. The use of the colored background both establishes the teal as the dominant color and emphasizes the three dimensionality of the collages, while the aluminum frame compliments the cool metallic sparkle of the white crystals. The teal and white crystals were specifically chosen to reflect the colors in the Alexander Girard designed fabric (Quatrefoil, 1954) that determines the overall color scheme of the room.

Another example of custom framing (and custom color) are the Antique Tiles collages that hang in Julia’s living room (done in black and khaki to coordinate with the warm green tonalities and black accents throughout the room). For these pieces, Julia again chose to have them mounted on a matching colored background, this time in khaki. The frame is a special milled step frame with a hand painted finish chosen to complement the frames on the antique prints that hang on the adjacent wall. The Antique Tiles series was originally created for this very spot, a narrow 14-foot-tall space that required a boldly graphic design with a classical feel.

These custom framed pieces can be seen in our Gallery.

To see the range of possibilities, we suggest that you visit the Bark Frameworks website at www.barkframeworks.com. If you decide that you would like to take advantage of our custom framing option, Julia will discuss the possibilities with you and then obtain a quote from Bark. If you are in the New York area and would like to work with Bark directly, Julia encourages you to do so. Call them at 718-752-1919 to make an appointment with designer Christine Heindl. Christine has designed all of the framing for Cartesian Graphics, and is also an accomplished artist in her own right.

Custom Installation

So what exactly is a custom installation? It is a collection of carefully chosen crystal collages that are grouped together, essentially creating a larger work of art that is configured specifically for your space.

The number of collages can vary from just two or three to well into the double digits, depending on the size of your space, your budget, and your patience. You can use existing designs and colors, or incorporate pieces with a custom color, a custom theme, or custom framing.

So what does this cost? If you would like Julia’s help to arrange a group of existing designs (no custom color, custom theme, or custom framing), the answer is nothing. There is no charge for this service.

On the other hand, if you want Julia to create an installation for you from scratch, with custom everything, the cost will reflect that, and a quote can only be provided once we know exactly what it is you want. 


Please note that Julia retains the copyright for all of her work which includes all custom designs. Also, she does not guarantee that any given custom design will be a one-off. If owning a completely unique piece is important to you, let her know at the start of the project so that an agreement can be reached.