Since a Cartesian Graphics crystal collage is both a two-dimensional piece like a painting and a three-dimensional piece similar to a rare book, we offer both framing and table easels for display. Whether you choose framing, an easel, or neither is of course up to you, however Julia would be happy to discuss the various options with you.

We use Bark Frameworks exclusively for framing and easels, both of which are custom-made for us. Aside from being our neighbor here in Long Island City, Bark Frameworks is well known for their work with artists, galleries, museums, and serious collectors. You can learn more about Bark by visiting their website at



The frames that can be ordered through our website are stem frames - a clean and classic style that complements the geometry of the collages and works well in both modern and traditional interiors. 

We offer five different frame colors - maple painted white, maple painted black, maple stained charcoal, natural maple, and cherry - and three different mat options - 12 ply white, 12 ply black, double mat with 8 ply white on 4 ply black.

Needless to say, all of our materials are archival. Mats are 100% cotton and acid free - black Rising Museum Board and white Alpharag Artcare Museum Board (in a shade of white which is a near perfect match for the white Hahnemuhle paper of the collages themselves). We use only Tru Vue Museum Glass which is both UV filtering and anti-reflective.

Please note that not every frame/mat combination is available for every collage as Julia only offers framing options that she feels are appropriate for and will enhance each piece. However, even though she has rather strong opinions on said framing options, she can, on occasion, be reasoned with. May the force be with you.



Our easels were custom designed for us by Bark Frameworks to fit our collages and are available only through Cartesian Graphics. They measure 8” wide x 8” high x 4” deep and will work with any of our square designs. We don’t recommend using them with our non-square pieces as the display might not be stable, and Julia really hates to think of one of her pieces going splat.

Easels are available in four colors - natural maple, maple stained charcoal, maple stained umber, and maple stained black.

We’re sorry, but easels cannot be purchased without artwork.