retro daisies

Daisies were a common design motif in the 1960s and 1970s. Often used by the Flower Power movement as a symbol of peace and love, they were also ubiquitous in fashion and home décor. The name Flower Power was first coined by the poet Allen Ginsburg in 1965 to characterize the nonviolent protests against the Vietnam War. It later became identified with the hippie movement and the psychedelic counterculture. That said, Julia created the Retro Daisies Collection, not because of any historic or sociologic connotations, but simply because daisies remind her of the wallpaper in her family’s kitchen in the early 1970s.

The color stories for the collection were chosen to reference this period. The color combinations pink-and-red and turquoise-and-blue frequently appear in the fashion and textiles of the 1960s, both in floral and geometric patterns. The combination yellow-and-orange was often used in the kitchens of the era, with harvest gold appliances a fixture of the 1970s. The olive green-and-peridot color story recalls the avocado green appliances that were also produced then. Finally, in a nod to the 21st century, Julia created a Retro Daisies color story in black, white and gray, which happens to be her personal favorite although it is the yellow-and-orange version that hangs in her own home.